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About enterprise Orskij zavod metallokonstrukcij (OZMK), OOO

Orsk plant of a metalwork" - one of the enterprises of the construction industry, largest in Russia, in the sphere of design and production of a high-quality construction metalwork and the complete fast-built buildings of industrial and public function. These are warehouse and production rooms, sports, trade, exhibition and youth entertainment complexes, bowling clubs, the service centers for service of cars, hangars for storage of aviation equipment, canopies for gas station and AGZS.
Successful practical application of modern computer methods of design, and also cooperation with the leading design institutes at the present stage allow "OZMK" to solve in a complex technical problems of design and production of designs of any degree of complexity. "OZMK" carries out production of buildings from a metalwork; design and development of buildings at the level of drawings of the KM and KMD brand, registration of technical documentation on packing and transportation of a metalwork; development of project documentation on the bases; a complete set of buildings in cooperation with other enterprises. Additional kinds of activity:
production of support for high-strength power lines; production of cylindrical vessels; production of a construction metalwork, panels of tongue-and-groove welded.


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