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Buildings from an easy metalwork

Buildings from an easy metalwork
  • Buildings from an easy metalwork
  • Buildings from an easy metalwork
  • Buildings from an easy metalwork
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Country of manufacture:Russia

The Orsk plant of a metalwork makes complete pre-fabricated buildings from a metalwork of different function:

  1. Buildings of industrial function;
  2. Shopping and exhibition centers;
  3. Logistic terminals;
  4. Hangars for aviation equipment;
  5. Car centers, service stations of cars, many-tier parking
  6. Buildings of agricultural purpose: granaries, vegetable storehouses, grain mills, hen houses;
  7. Metal frameworks of multystoried residential and office buildings;
  8. Sports and improving complexes (FOKI).

We have extensive experience and opportunities to make a building metalwork on individual projects, own and provided Customer, and also a metalwork of different function and difficulties. Operation of buildings with frameworks from metal designs is possible in all areas of construction taking into account the settlement winter temperature, loadings and influences (for the concrete area of construction), settlement seismicity of the building site, the operation environment on degree of aggression and fire resistance of the building, humidity of air indoors and other conditions.

Advantages of application of a metalwork at construction:

- economically effectively at big flights;

- simplicity and minimum terms of installation. Installation of buildings is made in the minimum terms thanks to high factory readiness of assembly elements;

- high operational qualities at low current expenses;

- ecological purity and safety;

- construction and installation can be carried out at all seasons of the year;

- a possibility of the building to be in harmony esthetically with architectural appearance of urban development, thanks to original design decisions;

- use of the modern heat-insulating materials conforming to high requirements of standards of energy saving allows to save expenses on the maintenance of the building;

- universality of designs of a framework allows to attach additional buildings or to increase as required the sizes of already existing buildings;

- the calculations of design institutes confirmed with long-term practice of construction show that the cost of objects from a metalwork is 30% lower than the cost of the similar constructions built from a brick and reinforced concrete.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 31.01.2018

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